We’re sure you’ll already be keeping up to date with us on socials but if you’re interested in how we started and other interesting activities we’ve been doing along the way, then keep reading below

You probably already know that Travel Radar is a rapidly growing Aviation News site based in the UK. But did you know that our aviation superstore was created for you – the AvGeek and passionate traveller!

We are based in London, in the United Kingdom with over 100 staff worldwide, including 10 supporting the Travel Radar Store full-time. Our business model is social-first and centred around industry leading Instagram and Facebook accounts. With over 1.1million followers over on our @thetravelradar socials, this puts us among the fastest growing brands within the UK – wow!

We hope you find our store full of geeky, interesting products that fuel your inner AvGeek. We’re constantly developing new product lines so be sure to check back regularly.


luke will
Founder & CEO

Luke is the Founder & CEO of the Travel Radar Group, leading the strategy and mission of the store.

Jake smith
General Manager

Jake is the Travel Radar Store General Manager, responsible for all day to day operations.

Kilian Perez
Head of IT

Kilian is Travel Radar’s Head of IT, responsible for all website design and infrastructure.

Vacant Role
Head of Customer support

Have a passion for customer experience? Check out this vacant role on our Careers Page!